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My Brief Reflection on Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs of course passed away on October 5th. It is a day that will likely survive many decades or even centuries of edit passes in the history books.

I work at a company that espouses open standards somewhat antithetical to the Apple approach. I don't own a single Apple product. The only Apple service I've touched in the last 4 years is iTunes. (Sparingly, at that).

However, I recognize the genius that was Jobs and the fact that even if I wasn't using what he directly created via Apple, his work to put accessible, quality, pervasive, empowering consumer technology into the market moved the marketplace. Steve Jobs made that which I use better. Even though I'm not an 'Apple fanboi' by any stretch, it is folly not to recognize genius and reflect on its lessons.

I have used this time to quietly revisit some of the lessons of Steve Jobs' life. As authors now try to distill the essence of his success and watch it play out over the next decade, I look forward to perhaps learning as much from him in his death as we ever did during his life. That may be the ultimate compliment I can pay to any person.

RIP Steve Jobs.