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The Death of the Channel?

So, I am channel surfing the "modern" way... via the channel guide grid. As I do so, I end up stumbling into a channel with the schedule:

The 700 Club religious program at 7.
The Jerry Springer show at 8.
A hunting show at 9.
Some random 90's sit com at 10.

At first this seemed peculiar. Then I considered several options. I'm only hypothesizing, but one reasonable explanation is that this "channel" has lost all cohesion as a brand because it really doesn't intend to be viewed as a channel that holds your attention. One can nimbly schedule content in each half-hour block to compete with other channels' offerings, forgoing any attempt at a channel brand identity. In the new paradigm of on-demand tivo and content that is often discovered by a Search function moreso than channel surfing... this may be the next step beyond the virtual programming blocks like Adult Swim we saw surface a few years ago.

Perhaps to some in "the industry" they know this and can confirm it. But to me looking in from simply a technologist's perspetive, if it isn't the strategy, it certainly makes sense that it can now BECOME the strategy.