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Personal Explorations in Photography

One of my avocations is photography. Although I am somewhat horrible at photography, I enjoy it nonetheless.

As I get back into this hobby after some time away from it, my intent is to "carry on a conversation with myself" here in the blog. As I come across key insights and basic instructables, I'll post replies to this blog post. My learning style lends itself to ten or twenty minute bursts of information which I can then go put into practice and explore. Therefore, my intent is to keep these limited to "short burst" articles rather than entire books or publications.

I'm not working in film (aka the "real raw"). This means my explorations will be limited exclusively to digital photography.  I am also not terribly interested in Photoshop and re-touch. My focus is on the craft and art of getting the shot right "in the moment" it is taken, whenever possible.

If you find similar articles which help develop the technical and artistic competency of novice-to-intermediate photographers -- I invite you to post them as replies here, as well!