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Wherefore Art Thou, Counselors?

When I read the many articles like this floating around, my first question is no longer about the student loan bubble. My first question is no longer about the employment crisis. I’ve seen plenty of coverage on those topics. My first question is about the apparent career counseling crisis. This is an area in which we’ve invested relatively little and we’re now paying for it, in spades.

Moderation in (Most) Things

 “The further you stray from the natural, the more diligent you need to be about understanding the consequences.” That’s a useful personal maxim I arrived at over the years.

The reason: Nature has had eons to work through the mechanics of interaction. Nature uses its own slow mechanisms to weed out the dangerous, balanced against a universe of… well… everything. It’s not perfect. But it has a major leg up on humanity in this regard.

I’ve found it holds true in most matters of business modeling. I assert it holds doubly true in matters that are themselves more primal and central, such as nutrition. 

A Testament to the Age of No Excuses

My dear grandmother passed away earlier this month at the age of 94.

What strikes me is not how she died, but how long she simply didn’t find the time to die.

If spelling is rong, I don’t want to be rite.

Today I discovered the UNC journalism school has done away with spelling as a journalism test topic.

<Link removed since the source removed my cross-link. Two can play that game.>

This strikes me as concerning in many ways. I’m having trouble limiting myself to just a few key observations. As a lifelong management and communication professional, however, here are my most urgent thoughts.