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What is referral spam and how do I discourage it?

A note from the management. If you run a blog and you suddenly see an influx of traffic in your referral log, take care. Some of the traffic may be from what are called "blog spammers" or "referral spammers".

Detail is not wordiness

I've noticed a current trend in United States written discourse. "Cursory skimming" is at an all-time high. It stands to reason given the on-demand, internet-search-driven mode of information delivery today. Compound that with Twitter and texting becoming more prevalent and the trend seems pretty pronounced. I'm observing this "skimming mania" in many modes of communication from websites, to emails, to brochures.

With this skimming comes a side-effect. If you do not very explicitly state your meaning on every key point you write, with detail and in several clauses apiece, the reader doesn't find enough key words to catch their eye. They skip right over major points.

What is the result?