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Hush! We were never here…

When I read articles like this, they bring me to a simple conclusion. We need to evolve our institutions, education and morality at a much faster pace.

We are entering an era where time and the ability to prove someone was ever present are becoming uncertainties. Without careful consideration of what technologies individuals have a right to use in their own defense, we will face astounding challenges of predation.

Without reform to engender a near-universal trust of governments by their citizenry, 'techies' will soon control the tech-less. This is hardly a novel thought. This story has been repeated throughout the ages. Soon, however, the scale will be brought down to that of the individual. We will be comparing the capabilities of individuals against one other, not comparing the capabilities of competing institutions or governments. 

Soon the difference between an individual who “has” and an individual who “has not” won’t be a matter of superiority. It will be a matter of truly god-like invulnerability, played out at the level of individual ethics.

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