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Perspective -- We need more of it

Last night, a good friend sent me this quote from Bill Hicks:

“Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here's Tom with the Weather.” 

My immediate thought and reply was that one need not get even so esoteric in one's thinking. This example instantly popped into my head:

"Tomorrow's forecast: sunny and breezy. Our high will be 75, with a slight chance of asteroid impact triggering an extinction level event."

At least in much of the US, so many people now are trying to escape from... whatever "triggers" or "pain" they're trying to escape. A sense of the cosmic and broader perspective of humanity's tenuous foothold in the universe, inserted randomly in more and more places daily,  might do us all a world of good.

A sense of perspective is definitely needed. We don't need to run to the controversial, divisive arenas of religion or even ethics to find it. The perspective sits right in front of us, in the world we can all see and hear in unison.

One example?

What sense is fighting over either one or a few thousand square acres of land? Humanity could be out there finding plenty of space in which to thrive in the other 99.999999999999999999% of the universe we've yet to set foot on. Take your energy you're spending fighting over the former, and pour it into the latter. Why are we so preoccupied with what's going on in this little speck of Earth we insistently cling to, when the capacity now exists to find all the space we could ever want or need to live in peace?

On the whole, it seems our human penchant for drama, self-importance, control over others, and self-inflicted harm should be dialed down several notches. There's so much more to see. So many ways we can live and let live.

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